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Intensive Online Hands-on Workshops on Prostate MRI

From September 22, 2021 5:00 pm until September 25, 2021 1:00 pm
Posted by Dr CORNUD
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Registration - 300 euros

Dear all,

Due to the current pandemic, the format of the intensive prostate MRI training workshops needs to be modified.
The next workshop will therefore be held online and divided into four sessions of three-hour each, as outlined in the program.
We have a professional digital support to maintain a high level of interactivity for this event. A large room will be allocated to the presentation of clinical cases loaded in a cloud server. It is a hands-on workshop and your computer will be your workstation. You will have an online access to evaluate the cases before an expert of the panel gives the solution with comments.
The system of questions and (anonymous) answers visible by all, ensures a high level of interaction between the speaker and the registrants and an excellent visibility of the learning curve.
Questions can be asked directly to the speaker (a webcam is required) who answers directly to the registrant. Questions by chat are also taken into account.
The other key point is the correlation with the histology of whole mount radical prostatectomy specimens. The presence of the pathologist further increases the unique interest of these correlations. The microscope is connected to a video camera and images are commented in real time by the pathologist.
Everything has been organized to cover during these four sessions most of the features of our daily practice, to make you more familiar with prostate MRI in different clinical settings : MRI prior to biopsy, local staging, radiological-pathological correlations of ADC maps with Gleason score, detection of local and distant recurrences.
This seminar is intended for radiologists of all levels: beginners, for which the Wednesday session is dedicated, and radiologists with intermediate knowledge of prostate MRI, but also those who already have a more advanced knowledge of prostate MRI but would like to acquire an even more advanced level of expertise.


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