Online Workshops on Prostate MRI of Prostate Cancer

Intended for radiologists. Validated by a French accreditation. Official language : French. Participation is limited to 30 people. Includes short powerpoint presentations and some 50 clinical cases presented on a DICOM workstation. Date of the next workshop : Decembre 2020, 10-11-12, split in three sessions of 3 hours each.

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International Workshops on Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer by Prostate MRI and MRI-directed Prostate Biopsies

Intended for radiologists and all physicians involved in the management of prostate cancer. Official language : English. Date of the next workshop : September 2021, 22-23-24-25, 2021, split in four sessions of three hours each. The Wednesday session is for beginners. All sessions include short powerpoint presentations and hands-on sessions for case analysis. All the cases to review will be loaded on an online server, and your computer will be your DICOM workstation.

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UDRI : Union pour le Développement de la Radiologie Interventionnelle

Founded in 2003, the non-profit organization UDRI aims to promote diagnostic and interventional prostate MRI.  

  • Continuing education


    Prostate MRI is now recommended before biopsy to localize suspicious areas requiring a targeted biopsy. A learning curve is necessary to accurately interpret prostate MRI examinations. The association organizes workshops on prostate MRI, validated by a French or European accreditation, and encourages radiologists to register to these teachnig courses to improve their knowledge of MRI features of prostate cancer. 

  • The interventional program


    The association is currently launching a feasibility study on transperineal focal laser ablation of localised prostate cancer . Laser energy is delivered by an interstitial  laser fiber, introduced transperineally under TRUS guidance with a very high frequency (29MHz) TRUS probe. The technique is called micro-ultrasonography (microUS, Exact Imaging, Canada). It provides a very high spatial resolution and a high accuracy to delineate the tumor and target volumes. Focal laser ablation aims to treat the tumor itself and a safety oncological margin, not the entire prostate which is the target of all radical treatments. Focal treatment spares the healthy tissue adjacent to the tumor, protecting the patient from side effects (sexual impotence, urinary incontinence) that can be observed after radical treatment (surgery or radiation therapy)



Union pour le Développement de la Radiologie Interventionnelle (UDRI).
Non-profit organization (law 1901). Teaching Courses on Prostate MRI cancer detection : Workshops & Seminars.

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